First-class Dental Equipment 

Equipment used in our Dental Practice 

Vitali T5 MASTER Dental Chairs

Vitali T5 MASTER Dental Chairs

The new MASTER T5 features the high quality of materials and components combined with a keen attention to detail as in any other VITALI dental chair, offering a perfect combination of

functionality, solidity, safety and patient comfort. U-smile Dental Clinic has 4 Vitali T5 Master chairs.

VITALI T5 EVO Plus Dental Chairs

VITALI T5 EVO Plus Dental Chairs

T5 EVO PLUS chairs combine advanced functionality with an absolute operational simplicity. Controls are concentrated in one analogue keypad, at the side of the on-board console. U-smile Dental Practice has one Vitali T5 EVO Plus chair in the surgery room.

EPIC 10 diode laser

EPIC 10 diode laser

EPIC™ X, the latest laser innovation from BIOLASE®. More than a soft tissue laser, it extends treatments and ROI  with the whitening mode or “Pain Therapy” exclusive mode.



PaX-i3D Green - VATECH

PaX-i3D Green - VATECH

State-of-the art digital imaging equipment with panoramic 2D module, Cone Beam CT 3D, and cephalometric arm (teleradiography) such as Scan Ceph and OneShot.

Digital retro-alveolar radiography: VARIO DG - SIRONA

Digital retro-alveolar radiography: VARIO DG - SIRONA
The Vario DG X-ray Machine is part of the renowned Sirona HELIODENT product line. In addition to conventional film-based radiography, this equipment is very suitable for digital radiography with reduced exposure time. The U-smile Dental Clinic has one X-ray Machine for each dental unit.



OXIS - Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology - Tecno Gaz

OXIS - Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology - Tecno Gaz

In the area of skin rejuvenation, the latest trend features hyperbaric oxygen applications. Hyperbaric oxygen is able to provide great benefits in all skin pathologies, where reconstruction processes play an important role, such as: all forms of acne, allergic and irritable dermatitis, oedema, stretchmarks, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, laxity.



Medicina Estetica: EPOREX k69

It is a skin rejuvenation beauty machine, capable of increasing the penetration and diffusion of active substances into the epidermis by means of an innovative method, consisting of “active” transdermal molecular transport called isophoresis.

Dental whitening - Polilux Accelerator Plus Lamp

Albire Dentara - Lampa Polilux Accelerator Plus
The POLILUX ACCELERATOR PLUS is an advanced device, the maximum expression of dental whitening systems. It is a special LED lamp for professional whitening in dental practices: its wavelength (465 nm) and energy source (30,000 mW/cm2) have been designed to get the best possible result in a single session. The lamp features a special screen, which allows the absorption of ultraviolet and infrared light to prevent heating of soft tissues and dental pulp.


Other equipment

Piezosurgery - Echipamente Clinica Stomatologie


Endodontie: Apex locator - iPex II - NSK

Endodontics: Apex Locator – iPex II – NSK

Endodontie: Micromotor endodontic - Endo E Class - Marathon

Endodontics: Endodontic Micromotor – Endo E Class – Marathon

Sedare Constienta - Master Flux Plus - Tecno Gaz

Conscious Sedation – Master Flux Plus – Tecno Gaz