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Dental whitening  

Albire Dentara Floresti - Stomatologie ClujThe whitening system is a scientifically advanced and patented system,  is safe and fast and treatment is completed in less than an hour.
This system discolours stains present on the surface of teeth caused by various factors:

  • Consumption of pigment substances such as coffee, Cola, smoking, red wine, etc.
  • Physiological ageing;
  • Use of medicine (tetracycline) or excess fluoride;

The main ingredient from the whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide which, once activated by the lamp or the BIOLASE professional laser system, breaks down and allows oxygen to penetrate the dentine and enamel, by breaking down the molecules that make up the stains and removing those stains without changing the tooth structure; the lamp helps hydrogen peroxide to activate and penetrate dentinal tubules.

The active treatment consists of a 15 to 20-minute application, and a hygiene session is recommended before, to increase the procedure efficiency.
The treatment is completely painless (only in some cases a slight sensation of warmth is felt) and is recommended to all patients, except for those who suffer from severe hot and cold sensitivity.