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Dental profilaxy – oral hygiene treatments 

Tratamente Igiena Orala ClujOral hygiene means, in a narrow sense, cleaning of the oral cavity and, in a broader sense, all those manoeuvres to do this, both at home and in professional dental practices.

Oral hygiene generally includes three levels of approach:

Brushing: There are different brushing techniques that are classified according to the type of movement performed
- Circular brushing: The brush is applied on each tooth and a circular motion is performed, from the gingival margin towards the occlusal surface.
- Bass technique: Turn the brush head towards the gingival margin at a 45 degree angle, directing brush tips into the sulcus. Vibrate the brush in a slight circular movement back and forth. To be used in case of gum inflammation and periodontal disease and only if there are no problems of receding gums. Also useful for dental appliances.
This technique can be improved by adding a “rotary motion” on each tooth, i.e. by moving the toothbrush from the gingival margin towards the occlusal surface.

Electric Toothbrushes

This state-of-the-art toothbrush category allows, by a three-dimensional (rotary and vibratory) cleaning movement, to remove plaque up to twice as much as a three-dimensional manual brush. They have a pressure sensor that, in the event of a traumatic use due to too strong a pressure, blocks the movement of the toothbrush to avoid causing damage to teeth and gums.